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Venues 1: Terian Center, by Fred Camper


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This first group of "Venues" works is based on photographs I took in March, 2009, of the Juliana Curran Terian Design Center, the building at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, that housed my one person show, September 10 through October 9, 2009. Works in "Venues" can be hung anywhere, but the organizing idea in this series is that they will first be displayed in the locale their images depict, one goal being to enhance and deepen the viewer's perceptions of the space she or he is in. For this group, I selected 176 photos, and ordered them to follow the walk I took around and then inside the building, and it is from these photos that each image in this group is selected. This group is in its early stages; many more works from these images are planned. Additional "Duos" using different pairs of images are in progress, as are "Trios," using groups of three images.

Each image is altered in eight different ways before being used: color or hue, contrast, brightness, sharpness or blur, horizontal rotation in space, vertical rotation in space, horizontal cropping, and vertical cropping. The degree of each alteration is determined by a controlled use of random numbers. Each altered image is used only once. There are five types of works so far: The "Venues" sheets arrange images in unique "architectures," somewhat in the style of "Permutations"; the Images show 48 different modifications to the same image, in a grid; the Selections show 48 image selected at random from the 176, but in the order of the walk around the building; the Duos juxtapose two images, selected not at random but for the ways they will interact, each instance modified differently; the Completes show all 176 images, each sheet with different modifications.

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Fred Camper art     Complete Fred Camper art