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My statement on this series.
A review of this series by Victor Cassidy from Focus, April 2008.
Sixteen works from this Permutations 1: Reuss River were in a group show at Flatfile Galleries, September 7 through October 26, 2007.
Permutations 1: Reuss River


If you're just going to look at a few, start at the top of this list with the sheets of six and five images. If you have time to look at more, then start at the bottom with the sheets of two.
All six image works made thus far
All five image works made thus far
All four image works made thus far
All three image works made thus far
All two image works made thus far
All the "Views" works made thus far.

The overall title of this group of works is Permutations 1: Reuss River. Each work is a single sheet consisting of between two to six images. Each image consists of one of six views of the Reuss River in Lucerne, Switzerland, that I photographed on March 19, 2006. My original intention was to construct, as demand warranted, every possible permutation of these six views, 1,950 in all. As I got ideas for more "Permutations," this seemed like too much. Now I plan to make 20 of the possible sheets of two, and no more than 40 each of the sheets of 3, 4, 5, and 6. In addition I will make 20 of each of the six "Views" sheets. As in all the "Permutations," each work will be a different arrangement of images in a unique edition of one. These have been, and will be, selected using random numbers from among the possible permutations of the six images. While the selection and ordering (read first left to right in rows, then top to bottom, stopping at each column, which is then also read top to bottom) is out of my control, the "architecture" (the particular design of images, some larger than others in the sheets with more than two, or oriented in columns as well as rows) is chosen subjectively. Statement 4: Permutations includes more on my intent for this group of works.

From the images I took of each of these six views, I first selected 30 of each. Each group of 30 was taken in rapid succession, the water patterns always different. Thus on different sheets the same view will most likely display different patterns.

Though each sheet is a separate work, I believe that they will benefit greatly from being shown three or more at a time. Fred Camper

All "Permutations"     Fred Camper art     Complete Fred Camper art    Complete Fred Camper art