I have an article of (I hope) general interest, which recently appeared in three parts in Chicago Artists' News, the monthly journal of the Chicago Artists' Coalition, titled Thinking of Exhibiting Your Art? It ran in the September, October, and November 2001 issues, is about 4,400 words in all, and I have no plans to post it for free on this site.

The article, consisting of advice to artists who are interested in public careers, is based on my eight years of writing almost-weekly art reviews for the Chicago Reader, noticing what artists often do wrong and right. The titles of individual sections give some sense of the article's scope: Remember Your Name, Finding a Gallery, Publicizing Your Show, Documenting Your Show, Presenting Your Show, The Care and Feeding of Art Critics, and The Internet.

The issues are now sold out, but a photocopy of all three parts of the article can be purchased from the Chicago Artist's Coalition for $4.00. Persons outside the U.S. may inquire by email as to shipping costs. The Chicago Artists' Coalition is at 11 E. Hubbard Street; Seventh Floor; Chicago IL 60611; Email caconline@earthlink.net

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