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In addition to the links here, some of my articles on individual filmmakers and artists have many more links within their texts.

Important: In these deeply troubled times, I believe everyone should read in detail the reasons for supporting billionaires.

Amy Bodman has a site for her new film about Zimbabwe, which I like very much, The Limits of What We Know. Christopher Becks is a filmmaker and photographer.
The author Jane Wodening, formerly Jane Brakhage, has excerpts from her writing and purchase informaton for her books available on her site.

General Film Links:

I started, but am mostly no longer maintaining, pages of Stan Brakhage links, Brian Frye links,Ernie Gehr links, and Warren Sonbert links. There's a good site with links to online writing on many filmmakers called Film Directors: Articles on the Internet.

Other filmaker sites include one for Hollis Frampton. Information on the films of Gregory J. Markopoulos and Robert Beavers can be found on The Temenos Web site.

But before we go any further with film, I should point out that celluloid is fragile, and can decay into unshowable condition in a few decades if stored poorly. If you own any motion picture film, of others' work or of your own, go here.

I'm the founder of a very small Internet film discussion group, Film Art, which became active in February 2008. Prior to that I co-founded and participated in the Internet film discussion group a_film_by, but am no longer a member; I've placed the early posts to this group on my site. Yoel Meranda's excellent site includes his own comments on cinema and his own videos.

On-line film journals include Rouge, 24fps, The Film Journal, Bright Lights Film Journal, Jump Cut — and perhaps the most extensive, Senses of Cinema, which also has an excellent and extensive page of film links.

Among film critics and filmmakrs who have their own sites, the most extensive high quality site I know of is that of Mike Grost, with essays and detailed comments on a great number of directors and films. The filmmaker Doug Bonner has a site with much diverse material; I especially like his essay on The Lady From Shanghai. There's also Ray Privett and Steve Erickson (his site has writing by Cahiers du Cinema Serge Daney in addition to his own writing, and a huge list of cinema links). I also recommend searching for the name "Patrick Ciccone," the former film critic for the Columbia Spectator, on the archive page. Patrick Ciccone also has a blog, on which he maintains what he calls "a digital commonplace book," and he names the site "An Uncommonplace Book."

I sometimes post to FrameWorks, a discussion list on experimental/avant-garde film; there are sites with the recent FrameWorks archives and the earlier FrameWorks archives. Flicker is an excellent site full of resources on avant-garde films and filmmakers, with a large and excellent links page.

I have placed my site in a Web Ring devoted to avant-garde film sites. Since only some of my writing is on avant-garde film, I've created a separate page that lists only my writings on avant-garde or experimental film that are on the Web, and linked the Web Ring to that page.

Together with his students, Hugh McCarney has been developing a large resource of information on independent/experimental filmmakers. Since a lot of the research is done by students, it's not always accurate, but he's also glad to receive emailed corrections.

The Film-Makers' Cooperative and Canyon Cinema are the two leading distributors of independent/experimental/avant-garde films in the U.S.

BestVideomaker, maintained by Edoardo Nolfo, has some useful technical articles about film and video.

One of the strangest and most obsessive sites on the 'Net, the Cosmic Baseball Association, has a lot of material on avant-garde film. If you can figure the site out, please let me know!

Dennis Schwartz (who I don't know at all) has placed a link to my site on a page he has about film noir; his site has many other noir-related links as well.

Here are a few links, most copied from the end of my article The Trouble With Video, to places that try to show films reasonably well, attempting good projection, programming, and prints, in a world in which all that has become increasingly rare:

New York: The American Museum of the Moving Image, Anthology Film Archives, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Walter Reade Theatre of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Also in New York, the extraordinary Robert Beck Memorial Cinema, set up in an informal loft-like space and without the expensive projection equipment of the aforementioned venues, manages to present an extraordinary program that captures some of the improvisational feeling of earlier avant-garde film presentations, also accommodating films and related events that require unusual projection set-ups. The space also has the advantage of being small enough to allow super-8mm and regular-8mm to look good. Even though I don't live in New York, I've been to a number of shows there , and it's probably my favorite place anywhere to see films at present.
Chicago: I've posted a separate page of films venues, Films on Film in Chicago.
Berkeley: The Pacific Film Archives.
Los Angeles: The UCLA Archive and Filmforum Los Angeles, also known as the "L. A. Filmforum." I have not yet attended screenings at The American Cinematheque or Redcat but both are reputed to be excellent.
Montreal: Cinémathèque québécoise
Toronto: Cinémathèque Ontario.
Paris: la Cinémathèque française

Independent Filmmaking Links:

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory is a huge list of links.
There are more filmmaking links on the resources page and in the Open Forum of the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema.
Flicker's links page has many more filmmaking sites.
Small Movies includes useful technical information.
Low Budget Filmmakers' Guide is oriented toward helping low-budget filmmakers "get started in the industry."

Links Related to My Art:

I rent at studio from East Bank Storage in their building on 35th Street, which seems quite well run, and consequently am part of the artist community that has a Web site, Artists of the Eastbank.

I recommend Boyd's Imaging for excellent prices on archival inks and paper, and good advice too. This is where I get my own ink and paper.

Other Art Links:

I am a member of the Chicago Art Critics Association. Some of my writing can be found on our site. See also our site's links page for additional art links.

Artists who have included part or all of my reviews on their own Web sites include Dan Addington, Gwenda Jay / Addington Gallery, Mark Arctander, Katherine Drake Chial, Elizabeth Coyne, Paul Hertz, Tim Lowly, Ben Mahmoud, Kate McQuillen, David Dufault Peterson, Andrea Polli, and Amy Youngs.

Galleries who have placed my reviews on their sites include Seven Three Split.

ArtScope.net is one of several synoptic art sites that include reviews, links, reproductions of art, and art-related news. They are Chicago-based, and a lot of their reviews are of Chicago shows; further, rather than just listing art-related Web sites, they actually review them. Others include the very comprehensive set of art resources and links to other art sites at Artnet.com and Artcyclopedia, which is a good set of resources for better-known, or "museum-quality" (as they call it), art.

World Wide Art Resources has indexed my site on theirs in return for a link. Click here:

Link Exchanges: The following film-film related sites are among those that have linked to my own:
Film and video maker Gregg Biermann, whose work I've written on briefly and also shown.
Chicago accompanist David Drazin does a fine job of playing piano during silent films.
DVDRelease.org offers information on new DVD releases.
Shades of Day is a large collection of film and art links.

Other Link Exchanges:
Cheap Office Furniture

Other Useful Links: links that I use regularly myself.

Google is the best search engine by far.
Other search engines I use (somewhat in order of preference):
All the Web
Northern Light
Ask Jeeves
Mining Co

Sites I find helpful for general research and fact checking:
American Heritage Dictionary
One Look
Library of Congress
New York Public Library Search
TV Guide
IMDB (Not all information here is reliable!)

Links to on-line news sources:
Journalist Express, a superb set of links to news wires, newspapers, magazines, and much more.
A directory of student-run and campus newspapers.

A few on-line news sources I use:
The New York Times
Washington Post
L. A. Times
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Arts&Letters Daily

Miscellaneous useful sites:
Set your watch accurately
Zip Codes
Translation (just don't trust it to do complex texts with complete accuracy)

Phone numbers (and sometimes email addresses):
Addresses.com, which is perhaps the best of these.
Big Yellow
Yahoo! Yellow Pages
Yahoo! People Search
White Pages
International Phone

Buying new books:

Buying used books:
Addall Used
Abe books

U.S. Citizens, write or email your senators and representatives with your opinions on important issues:
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

A couple of sites that I love, for my own eccentric reasons:
Random number generator, using atmospheric noise.
Calculate the prime factors of any number up to 1018

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