Here Fred Camper's art in reproduced Web versions, including "Accretions" and "Adjacencies" and "Permutations," and writing by Fred Camper on art, photography,and film, including articles on Claude Monet, Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer, Kenji Mizoguchi, Ernie Gehr, Andy Warhol, Orson Welles, Roberto Rossellini, Otto Preminger, Vincente Minnelli, Chuck Jones, Gerhard Richter, and other material on film and art.
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   I have begun making films again, titled Interactions, forty years after
   having stopped, in 4K video and best seen projected. There are 18 now,
   all silent, most from four to eight minutes; more are coming.
   An essay on them by Lian Kenny was just published.

    There is a new review that I love of my book Seeking Brakhage,
    by Brian Hischier, which collects most of my writing on Stan Brakhage
    from 1966 to 2021, and I think really gets at my emphasis on the viewer's
    experience in a way much film writing dos not. This book also received
    two excellent earlier reviews recently (linked to from my page).

   I have a new essay, In Despair at the State of the World, and not unrelated
   is my long jeremaid on our flattening culture, and what is for me
   the restorative power of the best art, published this fall by the journal Logos.

   Two friends have made videos about my art, Dreams of Lost Wholeness
   by Brian Hischier, and fred's unthreadings by Yoel Meranda. As a result,
   I have placed for the first time works from my current project,
   Weeks and Months, on this site, from the shooting Brian Hischier documented.

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